Who is Naken?

[ naken ]

naked – nu – nudus  desnudo  naakt  голый  nahý  nackt はだか  bugil 

Naken clothing is produced specifically to be one with you; the outer layer you show the world. The thrill generated when you dress yourself is what motivates us to create garments that you are yourself in.

A sun seeking spirit feeds a Scandinavian soul, and on a journey somewhere in the southern hemisphere a new beginning emerges; where the fresh water rivers meet the saline shores. At the fulcrum where salt encounters sweet, Naken is conceived.

A living, growing organism, Naken exists to nourish itself. We carve our own unique path where essential has been stripped down to the bare minimum and functionality playing the key role. Creating approachable timeless clothes, done by hand, giving small variations in print, pattern and finishing, making each piece unique. We enter this world naked and we leave naked.

We aren’t to follow fads or flout fashion. We aren’t to predict advancement or preserve antiquity. We are here and now: laid bare with you. Undisguised, unadorned and unashamed.

We are a textile design co-operative, imaginating at the crossroads of palpable restraint and putative recklessness, subsisting entirely on a combination of vision, verve and simple love. We believe that what you wear shouldn’t conceal an entity, but convey an essence.

We make things we like. And we hope you like them too.


Australian / Swedish Designers  I  Hand Made in Bali